At first glance, many of these works seem to be traditional still lifes of fruits and vegetables. Other works in this series place the subject front-and-center in another timeless genre, the portrait.


Yet look closely as these subjects reveal their unique textures and details, their hidden beauty. Here are the spices languishing in our cupboards and pantries, enlarged as much as 40 times.


Presenting these tiny berries, buds and stamens at that scale is a tribute to their power, so out of proportion to their size. Borrowing these time-worn and familiar formats is what enables these greatly-enlarged spices to hold their secrets just a moment longer.

Spices and herbs have a long and storied role in the history of humankind. Spices delighted taste-buds and healed the sick; they bound our ancestors to the gods and lured men into dangerous oceans... at the same time inspiring avarice, thievery, intrigue and murder.


For countless centuries, spices have been the prerogative of only the wealthiest few. Yet today spices are so commonplace that we allow them to turn stale and rancid on our shelves.

Allow these works to recreate in you – if just for an instant – a touch of the awe and mystery with which spices and herbs were viewed in ages past.


© 2019 Lauretta Jones