The Art of Nature

at the Greenwich Art Society

You are inspired by nature, large and small. You long to portray your subjects with exquisite accuracy or to use them as springboards to a more personally expressive style. Maybe you want to finally conquer watercolor or gain confidence in your drawing skills. These and many other goals can be pursued in my popular workshop at the Greenwich Art Society.


Join us to develop your skills, style and vision in watercolor, colored pencil, graphite, pastel, or other dry or water-based mediums. Individual guidance will help you meet personal goals while a supportive group environment makes every class unique.


Students work on projects of their choice supported by demonstrations addressing basic skills and techniques as well as advanced challenges – such as developing a body of work and combining live subjects with photographs. Emphasis is placed on seeing as artists, putting words to intuition and answering the familiar question: “What do I do next?”  

Located in a vibrant cultural arts building with opportunities for students to exhibit work.

Classes have no prerequisites. Choose Mondays or Tuesdays from 1:00 to 4:00PM. Maximum 8 students. To enroll, call 203-629-1533. More information can be found on the Greenwich Art Society website. These classes fill up fast! If classes are filled, ask to be placed on the waiting list. 

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